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Decentralized IDO platform for BSC: New partner, BSCPad

Hello, Holders! Today, Holder Finance is happy to announce a new partnership with BSCPad. We are delighted to work with the community of BSCPad, which is a Decentralized IDO Platform for BSC (Binance Smart Chain Network).

In a nutshell, BSCPad’s goal is to gather amazing cryptocurrency projects in one place. Thus, in their platform, they can distribute tokens and raise liquidity. Doesn’t it sound huge for the Holder Finance community? We are very excited about it, too! 🙂

About BSCPad

Holder Finance has introduced useful updates in the past few weeks. So, you can learn more about our dApp on this post. Moreover, regarding this new partnership with BSCPad, please enjoy our informative video and keep reading for more details.

What is BSCPad?

So, you might know the benefits of holding decentralized tokens. But, do you find that acquiring the right amount of tokens to be part of a certain project that interests you is rather extremely expensive? So… not looking at any network, but Ethereum. 😂

Therefore, this high-fee struggle is what BSCPad solves. As you can read on their website:

“BSCPad is creating fair decentralized launches.”

Thus, BSCPad fights against and unfair reward competition with random bots. So, participants can be part in a fairly way thanks to its two-round system that allows users to have an allocation.

BSCPad tiered system: holding decentralized tokens easily

On their website, BSCPad shows how their tier system works. In a nutshell, there are two rounds.

BSCPad: Decentralized IDO platform for BSC

First round

  • On the first one, there are different levels for participants according to the number of tokens they held. Those are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Moreover, you can be a Community Contributor.

Second round

  • Here, are available those tokens that were not sold in the first round. Therefore, tiered members can buy an additional amount that a tier-based formula will determine. 
  • The second-round buying window opens at the same time for all members, regardless of tier level. This round is open until all tokens are sold, typically lasting for only a few minutes. After all the tokens are sold, the IDO is concluded.

BSCPad is a Decentralized IDO platform for BSC

Our partnership with BSCPad is planning to achieve:

  • More trading opportunities for $HFi, $HFS, bHFI, bHFS, and $BSCPad holders.
  • An IDO platform that will boost our token offering,
  • Plenty of synergy between our communities.

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