Holder Limit on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Holder Limit on Binance Smart Chain available at, Make your trades with less gas on Pancakeswap – new pairs listed weekly!

We are very proud to announce the integration of Holder Limit on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Now, you can create limit trades on the BSC where there lower gas fees than in the Ethereum network. So, you can make use of PancakeSwap while saving gas. New pairs listed weekly. Our updated dApp is available at

Moreover, you can learn more about Holder Finance in our intro post.

Holder Limit on Binance Smart Chain

First, we have created a new promo video to come along with this update. So, you can learn about Holder Limit on Binance Smart Chain, our new partners, and more in just a few seconds. So, check it out here!

What’s New in the Update?

In a nutshell, plenty! Here, we do a short recap on the highlights. What’s more, you can find the updated dApp at

Holder Limit on Binance Smart Chain - welcome screen

So, You can either connect your Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, or Wallet Connect. Now, pick your choice to get started.

Next, pick a provider. That’s right, you can also browse the app without connecting a wallet if you want. Next, you will see both options to Insert an Offer or View All Trades.

Inserting an Offer

Now, if you are connected to the BSC network, you will see the list of available pairs. So, you can pick either to see more info through Pancakeswap and chart by TradingView.

Holder Limit on Binance Smart Chain: Limit Trades

So, at Holder Finance, we know of the importance of educated decisions. Therefore, inside a pair, for instance, $CAKE / $WBNB, you will find all the relevant info at a reach of a tap or a click.

  • Live price conversion
  • Limit trade feature
  • Min received amount
  • Price impact
  • Liquidity
  • Live chart, and more!

Your Trades, your Way

Thus, Holder Limit is available in any Web 3 browser, either from desktop or mobile. Moreover, you can use up to three providers to connect to the dApp on either the Ethereum or the BSC networks. Now, you have the tools, it’s up to you to find profitable trades. Hint: our dApp helps you find those. Become a Holder today.

More updates coming for Holder Finance. Join the growing community in Telegram. Thus, stay tuned for updates!

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