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Holder Finance Community Update #2

Previously, we shared several updates on a Medium post by late March. By that time, we had recently updated Holderswap, our dApp for gasless trading, with a new look and feel, onboarded new team members, closed a few partnerships with World Token and In one month and a half, Holder finance has progressed a lot, so here is what we have achieved and what is to come next for our project in continuous development.

Holder Finance: Completed Milestones

✅Holder Finance Bridge, users can freely use our own Bridge service at to swap tokens from the Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain network, or vice versa. Users only pay the spending and approval transactions on this process, but not minting cost.

Dashboard, the users can see their pending transactions for bridging from the Dashboard.

✅HFS and HFI IDOs, we sold out both IDOs, $200k raised at, for $HFS, and with $405k raised at BSCPad, for $HFI.

✅HFS and HFI Listings, following both IDOs, HFS and HFi listed on Pancakeswap:

Pairs on Pancakeswap

At the moment of listing, $HFS had a pool of $200k while as of the time of publishing the market cap is above $3M. $HFi listed with an initial pool of $450k and also consolidated a market cap above $2M shortly after.

Holder Finance: Next Milestones

✅This week, we added anti-tamper protection to the Bridge to avoid misuse of this tool. For this reason, now the Bridge could last more than 2-3 hours in case of events not related to our SC or coming from different nodes. Now, our Bridge service is more secure for community use.

🔜Holder Limit development is almost complete. We are updating our dApp with a new UI to improve the look and feel of the users. Moreover, the new dashboard will include additional features that will improve the trading experience.

An ETA will be announced shortly to have Holder Limit with a new UI.

🔜Bridge and Dashboard, the UI is ready and the devs are working on the integration for these tools. Bridge and Dashboard will be available inside the new dApp to have more synergy in the user experience. Depending on the details of the integration, both services will be revamped with Holder Limit, otherwise, shortly after the initial UI update.

Smart Contracts

To expand our services and provide more interesting features, we are constantly updating and releasing more smart contracts. As a rule of thumb, our smart contracts are audited by our partner CTDSec.

↪️Locked token feature, the smart contract to regulate locks for tokens is already published and source code is verified. When this feature is available, we will disclose the contract to provide transparency.


We are using the base code provided by Wault Finance as of now to make progress in the development of our own smart contracts. However, there is a phase of search and exploration to include features that could be interesting for our community.

If you know a good farming service with a good dev team, please let us know to consider adding features to our smart contracts. We’d like to complete this phase as soon as possible to move on to the development immediately.

$HFS Wault Finance Farm Quickguide

Yesterday, we released the first Farming pools on

  • Go to > Liquidity
  • Input HFS contract: 0x9412f9ab702afbd805dece8e0627427461ef0602
  • You may provide liquidity on $HFS and BUSD pair on Waultswap to receive LP tokens in proportion to your pool share. Note: you need an equal amount of both tokens, i.e. 100 BUSD and $HFS tokens worth $100 to provide liquidity
  • If you do not see the WLP tokens, add the custom token to Metamask: 0x7517bd126ca57a3c941ad3a53818367fa149251b
  • Note: it’s been reported that the next step may not work on the Chrome browser for some users.
  • Open
  • Now, you can stake WLP (Wault LP token) on the HFS / BUSD farm to earn WEX. You can use WEX on farms on Wault Finance or swap for BUSD, BNB, etc. Swap on Wault is available at

You all set! Enjoy farming. 🌽

⛽Holder Limit Gasless update, a part of the code is already designed to enable this long-awaited feature for zero gas trades on the cross-chain DeFi network. Next week, we will start the implementation, and if the integration works smoothly, we are going to release an internal release by end of May. We are looking forward to this release – since it’s a keystone for our project at Holder Finance.

🤖Holder Limit Multiple AMM, for this update it is still early. First, we will look for a suitable partner to work with on Automated Market Maker to make traction and grow our community.

At Holder Finance, we have made great progress in the last 6 weeks. However, there is still a lot of work to do to make our dApp and tokens consolidate their use in the current market. We are working 24/7 to provide the best user experience. Stay tuned for more updates to come soon.

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