Gas-less transactions on Ethereum – HFi AMA (part III)

Hello, Holders! Finally, this is the third part of our first internal HFi AMA, exclusively hosted on our Telegram group. In this series, we have explained more about our app for gas-less transactions on Ethereum.

Firstly, you can recap part 1 here or part 2 on this link, too. Below, you will find the most common questions submitted by our members. Moreover, do not hesitate to submit any questions you might have!


Spend less gas in Ethereum with HFi: AMA Part II

Hey again, Holders! As we promised we are coming back with part two of our first international AMA on Telegram. If you have read part one of this AMA, you might have discovered our exciting news about how to spend less gas in Ethereum with Holder Finance, now we are going to talk more about our team and upcoming strategies to strengthen the community. Now let’s not waste any time and give you all the details about this unique opportunity to save on Ethereum gas.

Andy: But every great project, even with the community help needs great marketing. Cesar, can you let us know what marketing is planned and ongoing currently?


HFi AMA: How to Save Gas in Ethereum fees (part I)

Hello, Holders! Save gas in Ethereum fees is our motto. Today, we hosted our first internal AMA on our Telegram group. Here, you have part one of the recaps for everyone to read. Are you ready? Then, let us jump to the questions!

Andy: Welcome to the Holder Finance community AMA. The chat has been muted.

Cowboy: Let’s goooooo

Holder Finance

Holder Finance: a Short Intro

Holder Finance is an innovative cross-chain plugin trading Dapp. Soon, you will be able to use the best Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain DEXes with less gas. Moreover, we are glad to introduce our new official blog. Here, will share news and updates about the project.

Currently, are you paying high gas fees on Ethereum?

We got you covered with a gasless limit orders solution! How?
You can place or cancel limit orders on Uniswap, but paying less gas.

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