Holder Finance Partners Wault Finance, DeFi Protocol

Holder Finance partners Wault Finance

Hi again, community! We are glad to announce another partner joining the HFI ecosystem. Today, Holder Finance Partners Wault Finance (

Wault Finance is a decentralized finance hub whose objective is to offer one intuitive ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. Here, users can perform different use-cases of DeFi without having to deal with complications from one platform to another. So, this means all the benefits in only one place!

Now, you might be wondering what those uses are available in this Defi protocol. Thus, here we will be covering all those details and explaining why these are huge news for the Holder Finance community.

Holder Finance Partners Wault Finance

If you don’t know Holder Finance yet, please be welcomed to our HFI intro post. And, we have already introduced a bit of what is Wault Finance. But if you want a quick recap with all the details, we will be explaining. Watch our video on our YouTube channel.

Wault Finance: Unique Defi protocol

Wault Finance’s values are based on the belief that the benefits of Defi protocol should be accessible to the masses but in an intuitive way. Therefore, they want to provide a service with fewer fees, user-friendly interfaces, and community-driven.

Decentralized governance

Wault token holders have a voice in this project. They can vote and take decisions within the protocol. Moreover, they welcome developers to contribute to their open-source code.

Fair redistribution

Wault Finance gives priority to active members. Instead of rewarding speculators, they provide a generous redistribution to holders of their tokens. So, the reason for this is because the funds come from those external parties and not from the active users, resulting in constant growth.

Thus, the way this works is simple. Firstly, there is a 2.2% of tax for each transaction on the platform. Then, from the amount of the transaction, the protocol applies a 0.8% fee to a group of inactive wallets. Therefore, that amount is afterward redistributed to participants.

In other words:

2.2% Transactions Tax: – 1.2% is Burned – 0.5% to Staking participants – 0.5% to Marketing Fund

0.8% Inactivity Fee for Non-participants: – 0.8% to Staking participants.

Holder Finance Partners Wault Finance: Liquidity mining

So, there are benefits for early supporters in the first months of the protocol activation.

Moreover, the initial reward per block will be 1 and will be halved every 10 days. Then, upon platform launch, two sets of pools will be introduced:

  • WAULT/BNB Liquidity Pool – 80% of the rewards.
  • WAULT Staking Pools – 20% of the rewards.

Holder Finance Partners Wault Finance

Therefore, our partnership with Wault Finance help us achieve our goals:

  • It increases trading opportunities for $HFi, $HFS, bHFI, bHFS, and $WAULT holders.
  • Provides a wider ecosystem where users can place limit orders within the available pairs.
  • Help each other in spreading the word about our ecosystems.
  • More updates along the way!

See the announcement by Wault Finance on this post. Stay tuned to get more information about coming news and other partnerships!

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