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Holder Finance: a Short Intro

Holder Finance is a a highly scarce, community-centric value retention token that resides on the crosschain DeFi network

Holder Finance is an innovative cross-chain plugin trading Dapp. Soon, you will be able to use the best Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain DEXes with less gas. Moreover, we are glad to introduce our new official blog. Here, will share news and updates about the project.

Currently, are you paying high gas fees on Ethereum?

We got you covered with a gasless limit orders solution! How?
You can place or cancel limit orders on Uniswap, but paying less gas.

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Currently, Holder Finance, through HolderSwap, its plugin trading Dapp. In short, the best trade opportunities are available from one place:

  • Uniswap,
  • SushiSwap,
  • Balancer,
  • More mainstream DEXes.

Moreover, the app displays important info directly on your dashboard.

  • Saves gas fees in every trade,
  • Escrow protection,
  • Works on major DEXes and tokens,
  • Professional audit company certification.

Next milestones for April and May?

In short, we have some very exciting weeks ahead. Thus, here is a shortlist of what is coming next:

  • Bridge service with a wrapping tool,
  • Cross-chain trading on Ethereum and BSC networks,
  • Farming program to reward with HFS tokens,
  • Listing of HFS on PancakeSwap,
  • Initial LP locked forever and LP burn tokens,
  • Private sale is ongoing only on our website (+75% sold out).

Who are the Holder Finance partners?

Above all, we value the quality of work and look forward to improving our ecosystem. Therefore, we are constantly looking for partners who provide high value. Thus, here is a short brief on our partners:

  • CTDsec: an incorporated security audit company specialized in Blockchain and cryptocurrency audits. Therefore, they check all of our smart contracts before we proceed to deployment.
  • Dextools: a real-time data analysis at the tips of your fingers. Moreover, there is Smart charting, trading features, and more for everyday crypto users.
  • TRY Finance: the most rewarding Defi token that utilizes smart contract protocols.
  • World Token: a unique platform that combines the best tokenomics of frictionless yield protocols. Thus, users receive instant rewards. Moreover, there are additional benefits of staking in their upcoming marketplace.
  • Civitas Protocol: Civitas protocol is a community-Driven project, the governance token is CVT. Moreover, a deflationary token where a 2% absorption fee applies to each transaction. Lastly, these fees go to the governance wallet instantly.

Lastly, for more info, please visit our website. Plus, you may explore the trade with limit orders with our dApp (

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