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Holder Finance Community Update #2

Previously, we shared several updates on a Medium post by late March. By that time, we had recently updated Holderswap, our dApp for gasless trading, with a new look and feel, onboarded new team members, closed a few partnerships with World Token and In one month and a half, Holder finance has progressed a lot, so here is what we have achieved and what is to come next for our project in continuous development.

Holder Finance Updates

Holder Finance KYC Approved by Assure

Today, we are excited to announce that Holder Finance has gone through the KYC (know-your-customer) identity verification process and has now been APPROVED.

Now, you can view our compliance NFT here:


Holder Limit on Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

We are very proud to announce the integration of Holder Limit on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Now, you can create limit trades on the BSC where there lower gas fees than in the Ethereum network. So, you can make use of PancakeSwap while saving gas. New pairs listed weekly. Our updated dApp is available at


HFI AMA with WORLD Token (part II)

Hello, holders! Here is the second part of this recap of our HFI AMA with WORLD Tokenon Telegram

In the first part, we gave insights into both projects. Here you will understand how this partnership will benefit both communities. Finally, there will be some questions from members of the group.

Enjoy the read!


Holder Finance AMA with Reflect Finance (RFI)

Hi again, holders! As we have already announced days ago, Holder Finance has partnered with Reflect Finance. Since we want to make sure you are part of all the developments going on, we hosted the third AMA on RFI Telegram group.

If you missed it, don’t worry, here you can find all the information discussed.

In case you want to know more information:

  1. Read our previous article here.
  2. Visit Reflect Finance website.

Now let’s start!


$HFI AMA with $WORLD Token (part I)

Hello, community. Today we are glad to provide you with all the points discussed today during our $HFI AMA with $WORLD Token on Telegram. This time we had our partner WORLD Token as a guest and they shared all the information regarding their Defi tokens!

If you are curious about our first AMA, you can find all the details here

  1. @legitkingzz: So let’s get started! Before we even start talking about the project, can you tell us a bit about your team?

Holder Finance Partners with Reflect Finance

Hello, Holders! Today, Holder.Finance is very proud to announce a new partnership with Reflect Finance ( RFI is a DeFi project that focuses on frictionless yield generation. So, users can hold and earn automatically. Moreover, $RFI is already available on HolderSwap. In this article, we explain this partnership in detail and what is coming next.


HFi AMA: How to Save Gas in Ethereum fees (part I)

Hello, Holders! Save gas in Ethereum fees is our motto. Today, we hosted our first internal AMA on our Telegram group. Here, you have part one of the recaps for everyone to read. Are you ready? Then, let us jump to the questions!

Andy: Welcome to the Holder Finance community AMA. The chat has been muted.

Cowboy: Let’s goooooo

Holder Finance

Holder Finance: a Short Intro

Holder Finance is an innovative cross-chain plugin trading Dapp. Soon, you will be able to use the best Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain DEXes with less gas. Moreover, we are glad to introduce our new official blog. Here, will share news and updates about the project.

Currently, are you paying high gas fees on Ethereum?

We got you covered with a gasless limit orders solution! How?
You can place or cancel limit orders on Uniswap, but paying less gas.

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