HFi AMA: How to Save Gas in Ethereum fees (part I)

Holder Finance meets their community again. Explaining how to save gas in Ethereum fees and much more. Learn how you can also do it here.

Hello, Holders! Save gas in Ethereum fees is our motto. Today, we hosted our first internal AMA on our Telegram group. Here, you have part one of the recaps for everyone to read. Are you ready? Then, let us jump to the questions!

Andy: Welcome to the Holder Finance community AMA. The chat has been muted.

Cowboy: Let’s goooooo

Andy: I’d like to officially welcome everyone to the 1st AMA that we are holding here at Holder Finance. Things are starting to hot up, and with the project about to enter its next stage, it made perfect sense to host an AMA and allow everyone to ask the team any questions they would like.

Q: We have several of the team online today. @RRisMyMan for the people that don’t know you, can you introduce yourself, please?

Cowboy: sure thing 🙂

Project Lead

I’m Crypto Cowboy, an almost 38 yo Frenchy dad and husband. I have 5 years of experience in crypto, and as probably many of us here, I have been several times rekt in 2018, haha. 

That said, I never think that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are the future for many current industries, if not all! I also ran an unsuccessful ICO back in 2018 in the supply chain area.

This failure has permitted me to learn a lot in the most challenging way and understand more about the crypto sphere. All the team and I are ready to rock with Holder Finance in the long term, and we are working very hard for it since early October 2020

Q: Thank you. And for all others of the team that are online, in no particular order, please introduce yourselves too

Andy: I’ll start

Community Manager

I’m Andy, your host for today’s AMA and community manager for Holder Finance. I aim to ensure that the chat stays clean and safe for all our users, mainly by keeping our naughty bot under control. You’ll see me running various competitions, and hopefully more and more AMA’s in the future. In my non-crypto life, I’m a Certified Cyber Security Professional.

Gordon Gekko: Hello everybody, I am the Lead Developer, I am 43 years old, and I am from Italy. I started my career in the Telecommunication Industry, then in the pharmaceutical Industry as Chief Information Officer; since 2016, I am running a software and consultancy firm in Switzerland in the blockchain world. I am coding with my team all the smart contracts for this project.

Marketing Lead

Cesar: Hello, it’s a pleasure to be answering questions. ✌️

About me, I started my online career many years ago as a blogger. I have authored several articles and ebooks. In 2015, I joined StartOfService, first as a writer and then as an editorial manager for a team of +25 writers. In 2016, my crypto adventure began. 

First, I worked at a marketing agency that helped ICOs. In 2018, I started to work as a freelance consultor for blockchain projects; I have collaborated with several projects since then regularly. 

Last December, I met Cowboy, and we discussed how to market Holder Finance, so here we are. This month, we are starting new activity venues to reach a wider audience; the next few weeks will be inspiring!

Legit King: Hello all! Currently, I am our community Discord manager. In the past, I have created and am managing the Holder Finance Discord Server. Moreover, I have owned and operated several Discord servers and am dedicated to keeping the server rooms clean and informative.

Andy: Great. Not sure who else is online, but I’m sure they will introduce themselves too when they join

Save Gas in Ethereum fees with Holder Finance

@RRisMyMa, can you give us some background on the project, please. How did it come to life?

Cowboy: As I explained, I never stopped since my first steps in 2016 into the blockchain world to be convinced about its long-term potential. Thus, in Summer 2020, with the boom of the DeFi, I started to think about an innovative, secured, and profitable way to allow anybody to build his wealth. In early September, while I was surfing and chatting on different chats, I entered into a technical devs chat. As you must know, I’m not a dev then that was like Chinese for me. But destiny made me fall into this chat while Andrea, aka Gordon, answered tons of questions in a straightforward way too many different devs. I was thinking like:

“Wow, this guy seems to know his shit, lol.”

Crypto Cowboy

Then I contacted him in PM, and he answered me right away. I introduced my concept to him then we spoke for about 2 hours, mostly about blockchain and my idea.

Andy: Lol. After seeing him in action, he certainly does

Gordon Gekko: yes, it’s incredible to remember this

Cowboy: He was as much excited as I was feeling the great potential of Holder Finance. When I sent him the WP draft, I confirmed his interest in building this ecosystem with me. A month later, after having closed his current projects, he had here and there started to make the website and the project itself.

Cowboy: You can confirm, Andrea, right?

Ryan Reynolds smiles when he save gas in Ethereum fees

Gordon Gekko: I remember very well the first discussion and how we design the project plan

Nobody probably knows that the first idea was to develop everything on Tron.

Cowboy: hahaha yeah true

Andy: Really? I’m personally glad you didn’t!

Development Challenges

Cowboy: we started on Tron indeed

Gordon Gekko: then we move back on Ethereum 😀

Q: So since meeting each other and working together, what do you think have been the critical developments of the project so far?

Cowboy: We build the private sale in the most smoothly way and transparent as it is all managed on the blockchain. No funds at risk on a random Smart Contract; when you buy HFi through our website, it is automatically transferred into your MM wallet. As simple as that!

– We have released the beta of HolderSwap v1 back in Jan, audited by CTDsec, our incorporated security audit partner since 2017. You can check their website 

Jorge Rodriguez, a well-known White Hat, is the CEO, and we have been in contact since 2016, and we worked together in the past.

– In Feb, we improved the UI and the design of HolderSwap. We rebranded the project with a new logo and a new theme color while building different smart contracts to develop HolderSwap further and make it more innovative.


Q: A lot has happened in a short space of time. What are the following milestones that you are aiming to reach?

Cowboy: Yeah, it has been challenging but fun, and we are now ready to deliver…

Q2 is the most significant and most exciting time to go with Holder Finance. Indeed, we will release many different, very cool, and profitable features on HolderSwap, which build our complete ecosystem and develop many use cases and sources of profits for our holders.

April: Start to Save Gas in Ethereum fees

  • Next, we will release HolderLimit on PancakeSwap to allow our users to place limit orders on PancakeSwap using our platform to save gas in Ethereum fees daily.
  • Then, we will list bHFS on PancakeSwap.
  • After that, we will release our bridge protocol to Wrap HFS and HFi from ETH to BSC and vice versa.
  • Then, we will deliver our first pools of the farming program: bHFS/BUSD LP and simple staking bHFi pool to rewards with bHFS tokens.
  • Lastly, another milestone of April but not least: the metadata or Gasless upgrade of our HolderLimit feature on Ethereum will allow trade owners to place and cancel limit orders on Uniswap using our platform. Thus, you can save gas on the Ethereum fees every day.

May: Next Steps and more Cross-chain Integrations

We will develop the AAT Automated Arbitrage Trading protocol, bringing more value and use cases to our platform. Indeed, our HolderLimit protocol will constantly seek the best trade opportunity on the blockchain to fulfill the open trades on our platform and display the best opportunity on our platform, whether on Uni v2, Sushi Balancer, or any main DEX on Ethereum. 

  • First, we will develop the same on BSC with BurgerSwap, and we are in talks with potential DEX to aggregate like FEGex.
  • Next, we will launch the Genesis Mining events/pools for HFi/bHFi to reward in HFi the holders who pool their HFi in LPs. (more info are available on our website by reading our WP)

Andy: I think the gasless upgrade, to save gas in Ethereum fees, to HolderSwap will be a game-changer personally.

So as you can see a huge number of releases will be made soon 🙂

HFI animation
Brad Pitt smiling due to save gas in Ethereum fees

Andy: OK, all looks good to me!

Let’s talk about the tokens

Cowboy: Yeah, for me too, but a lot of work to come, haha.

Sure, shoot out the question, mate.

HFS Listing

Q: Is HFS listing soon? What are the next steps for HFS and how do I purchase HFS if I wanted to?

Cowboy: Haha yeah let’s talk about tokenomics as it is the main point for all of us in crypto 🙂

We plan to list HFS within one month on the BSC network, as we’re now busy launching our bridging (wrapping tool) solution between ERC-20 & BEP-20. HFS’s sale round is currently closed. Due to the last round being sold out. The only way to get HFS in the first month will be by providing liquidity in HFS pairing pools. This also counts for simple staking in HFi staking pools. So even if HFi isn’t listed right away, as HFi holders you’ll be able to farm HFS or I must say bHFS on BSC 😉

Andy: We’ll talk more about the bridging and wrapping tool in a bit…

Freddy Mercury winking because he save gas in Ethereum fees

What are the Next Steps?

Q: What about HFI? What are the next steps there? What happens when round 3 ends?

Andy: Just over 4 hfi remaining currently

Cowboy: This is also the case for HFI, same as HFS. We plan to list HFi after round four has been sold out. We still need to put the hammer on the nail regarding listing HFi simultaneously on ERC-20 and BEP-20 or one or another chain. This will be a community-based decision through a poll we will launch after the last round.

Cowboy: Correct you can grab some on 🙂

Andy: If I had spare USDC I would lol

Launchpad Plans

Q: I’ve seen a lot of successful tokens using launch pads to launch their tokens. Are you looking to use and launchpads to list HFi?

Cowboy: That’s funny that you ask about it as we are currently in talks with BSCpad to replace the last private sale round of HFi with an ILO/IDO launch in their platform. More info will come soon.

Adam Sandler getting money from an ATM with a hand touch god-like when he save gas in Ethereum fees

Andy: Oh wow!

Cowboy: Yeah, actually we have an initial meeting with them tomorrow 🙂

haha you bet

Andy: That sounds very promising. Let’s hope it comes off

Cowboy: we will do our best as usual

Man nodding when he save gas in Ethereum fees

Holder Finance Team: Who is Making it Happen?

Q: Let’s talk a little about the team. The team has grown a fair bit recently. Are you looking to expand the team further?

Cowboy: This one is my own TG signature since 2016 why my TG username, hehe.

Andy: And if so, if anyone is watching and wants to get involved, how would they do that?

Cowboy: Indeed, as the project is pretty big we are always looking for some talented guys in the blockchain and crypto sphere. Currently, we are mostly looking for a dev to speed up the deliveries of our milestones and being sure that we are not late.

So, we are also always looking for talented mods to manage the TG chat voluntarily to start with, and then this work will be compensated ofc as every work deserves the money, right?! 🙂

Thus, anyone interested in joining us can contact me or @don_salal in PM with your references and tell us more about you and how you want to help us in our great journey.

Get in Contact

Andy: Great. More people to help manage the chat would be nice 🙂

@legitkingzz do you have any questions?

Cowboy: Indeed and as much as our project will get the traction we will need help indeed 🙂

Legit King: So Andy, We have a great community that has grown organically. What more could the community do to help the project succeed?

Cowboy: so anyone in the community please feel free to contact me 🙂

I think having the community onboard and helping is key. Hopefully, once the metadata platform goes fully live in the coming weeks, save gas in the Ethereum fees. And, you all see how great it is; you’ll all want to spread the word to all your crypto friends and family.

Thus, it would also be great to get as many as possible taking part in the competitions. The recent rewards campaign was a little disappointing, to be honest. Then, not that many people joined in, and I’d love to get some feedback from you guys about why that was. What could we do better? More rewards? More tasks? Fewer tasks? Please, let me know in the chat.

Legit King: Yes, I am extremely excited to see everything go live shortly!

Moreover, you may also like to read our intro post here. Now, this is the end of part I for this recap. Thus, stay tuned for the next parts II and III, with more insight from the team members.

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