HFI AMA with WORLD Token (part II)

Part 2 of the recap for $HFI AMA with $WORLD Token held on Wed 14th at our Telegram group

Hello, holders! Here is the second part of this recap of our HFI AMA with WORLD Tokenon Telegram

In the first part, we gave insights into both projects. Here you will understand how this partnership will benefit both communities. Finally, there will be some questions from members of the group.

Enjoy the read!

HFI AMA with WORLD Token: Goals

We will launch the Genesis Mining events/pools for HFi/bHFi. The aim is to reward in HFi the holders who pool their HFi in LPs. (more info is available on our website by reading our WP).

Andrea and I will start to work on the design of the Holder LaunchPad. Basically, we aim to build an all-in-one LaunchPad. This would include different security layers, business insights and operational support, technical support, and a shared marketing network.

On top of that, as we already have developed smart contracts for our use, we will be able to host IDOs and ILOS. Therefore, providing full support for the newly launched projects.

Legitkingzz- There is so much work ahead, but so much growth to be had as well. Personally, I am excited to go live on PancakeSwap!

What is the main advantage for you with our partnership? 

World Token

Right now, gas costs on World tokens on Uniswap are like $100 and have gone as far up as $400 per tx. With this in mind, in short term, we see an excellent opportunity to limit orders to have zero gas fees for our users. As we’re a tax token, volume is critical. Moreover, having zero gas will allow for smaller players to speculate on the short-term price movements more frequently.

Holder Finance

There is an obvious benefit for Holder Finance to partner with World, which is the exposure on the market. Seeing how they have a strong community, and their releases are done regularly to improve the entire project. In that sense, we have the same mindset as World’s team as we aim to Holder Finance.

Long term opportunities

Legitkingzz: Do you see it as a short-term or long-term partnership? 

World Token

The reasoning mentioned above is short-term, but for a long time, there’s always more to share and things to build on together so long as both projects are willing to create side by side actively.

Holder Finance

I’d say both 🙂

Indeed, the exposure is what we need the most to spread the word about our platform.

That said, I’m looking for the long term. In fact, I’m the kind of guy who likes to anticipate and always tries to develop the project.

Moreover, I see a potential to develop further both World and Holder Finance ecosystem by integrating World in our farming program. This will start in May and provide a bridge service to wrap ERC20 tokens to BEP20 and vice versa.

Solutions for both sides

Indeed, I’m aware that their current solution with BurgerSwap isn’t beneficial for the World holders as they have many technical issues, so they put their funds at risk. Thus, we are developing our bridging solution for HFS and HFi, but in May, we will be able to work closely with World’s team to bring them a better solution! 🙂

Lastly, I see Holder Finance could extend use cases for its ecosystem by having HFS and HFi being accepted by the World marketplace as means of payment.

Legitkingzz: How will you bring value to the partnership? 

World Token

We have a strong community and brand recognition. I believe our most significant contribution right now is new exposure for HFI. Of course, behind the scenes, we share tips as this industry can quickly eat a project alive and run their funds dry fast.

Holder Finance

This will be a co-working! We are in regular talks with the World team to make this partnership more extraordinary every day and what I detailed above is just some options. We will indeed be working further together with World to push this partnership even more valuable in the future for both World and Holder communities.

Legitkingzz: Do you have any other partnerships, and what benefits do they bring? 

World Token

We have one more partnership with SPI, and they’re sharing their industry contacts with us to foster growth; they also accepted World tokens as a currency on their platform, with a bonus 2% discount for these coins.

Holder Finance

We have other partnerships, of course.

First of all, we are partnered with CTDsec, a professional audit company incorporated since 2017, which reviews all our codes and provides audit reports before they go live.

We also have a partnership with Dextools to work on integrating our platform HolderSwap in their tracking Dapp.

We are currently in talks with several projects that have contacted us. Indeed, we are looking to develop use cases and our ecosystem and build a natural conglomerate of innovative and ambitious projects in DeFi to shake the top competitors in the shortest term possible.

They can obviously contact me in PM or by email at [email protected] to introduce their project to us and find together how we can collaborate the best for the long term and a mutual benefit.

Questions from users in our HFI AMA with WORLD Token

Legitkingzz- Awesome, thank you all for your answers! We will now be turning to a few of the questions that have been submitted to our bot for answers! The questions that have been picked will receive $20 worth of World Token and HFS on BSC (once our bridge will be ready for HFS)

  1. Bola undefined – I’ve seen that the World testnet marketplace appears only to offer digital items. Will World allow the sale of physical objects shortly?

World will allow for physical items in the future. Therefore, for now there are many logistical and anti-fraud measurements we’d have to take before we can even consider safely having that as part of the ecosystem.

However, you can look forward to safely transacting through escrow, buying in-game items, indie games themselves, gift cards, and the like.

Then, buying and selling world through fiat will be accessible thanks to the gasless option. This means that there’s plenty of other things to look forward to before then 🙂

  1. Bola undefined -How does World differentiate itself from marketplaces like Opensea and Nifty gateway?

World focuses on security via the escrow system, gasless NFT sales, and we’re the only one focusing on bringing ERC20 tokens to a direct to fiat exchange!

3. ViRUS undefined- Finance is said to be a high Capital Thing.

Is there any way that someone can start with the lowest capital… e.g., a Student with the least amount like pocket [email protected]

This will conclude today’s HFI AMA with WORLD Token. A big thank you to World Token for coming out today! We also would like to thank all of you who came out today!

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