$HFI AMA with $WORLD Token (part I)

Part 1 of the recap for $HFI AMA with $WORLD Token held on Wed 14th at our Telegram group

Hello, community. Today we are glad to provide you with all the points discussed today during our $HFI AMA with $WORLD Token on Telegram. This time we had our partner WORLD Token as a guest and they shared all the information regarding their Defi tokens!

If you are curious about our first AMA, you can find all the details here

  1. @legitkingzz: So let’s get started! Before we even start talking about the project, can you tell us a bit about your team?

Introducing our $HFI AMA with $WORLD Token: teams

World Token

The team comprises me, with a degree in management, so we were taught more geared toward building startups. I’m also fairly well versed in crypto (been in since 2015) and a fair hand in e-commerce cybersecurity.

Another member of our team is Jiro, a fine arts grad who focuses on the branding and digital marketing of the project. He’s handled several media campaigns for companies both local and international before.

Then we have Appa, our head community manager, who runs the mods and spearheads helping out others and answering questions in the chats. We also have several devs on board now, with the lead dev being full-stack, two specializing in the frontend, and one specializing in UI/UX.

Holder Finance

@Max:  I’m Crypto Cowboy, an almost 38 yo Frenchy dad and husband. I have five years of experience in crypto, and as probably many of us here, I have been several times rekt in 2018, haha. That said, I never think that cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are the future for many current industries, if not all! I also ran an unsuccessful ICO back in 2018 in the supply chain area. This failure has permitted me to learn a lot in the most challenging way and understand more about the crypto sphere. All the team and I are ready to rock with Holder Finance in the long term, and we are working very hard for it since early October 2020.

@don_salal, our business developer, and @gordongekkoitaly, our lead dev, will introduce themselves directly.

The rest of the team is composed of 6 other team members, three devs working on the front end and UI/UX, 2 CMs, and our Marketing Manager.

More members

@don_salal has 15+ years of experience in the IT sector. Mainly as ApplicationTechnology engineer/architect & Cloud solutions architect. He has seriously started to educate himself in the crypto space in 2016 and has since intensively stayed involved, an enthusiastic person in how crypto technology operates and evolves.

@gordongekkoitaly: Hello everybody, I am the Lead Developer; I am a 43-year-old Italian and started my career in the Telecommunication Industry, then in the pharmaceutical Industry as Chief Information Officer, in 2016. Currently, I am running a software and consultancy firm in Switzerland in the blockchain world, and here I code with my team all the smart contracts for this project.

@Cesarlpb: Hello, it’s a pleasure to be answering questions. ✌️

About me, I started my online career many years ago as a blogger. I have authored several articles and ebooks. In 2015, I joined StartOfService, first as a writer and then as an editorial manager for a team of +25 writers. In 2016, my crypto adventure began.

First, I worked at a marketing agency that helped ICOs. In 2018, I started to work as a freelance consultor for blockchain projects; I have collaborated with several projects since then regularly.

Last December, I met Cowboy @RRisMyMan, and we discussed how to market Holder Finance, so here we are. This month, we are starting new activity venues to reach a wider audience; the next few weeks will be inspiring!

$HFI AMA with $WORLD Token

More about World Token

The project features a token with a 3% transaction fee distributed among the development, holders, merchants, and LP stakers. Transactions in the marketplace are settled with this token. The marketplace itself is escrow-based and is built to sell digital goods, services, and NFTs. V2 will focus on convenience and the L2 solution; then, after that, we’re launching our P2P exchange for ERC-20 tokens to make fiat exchanges far smoother.

Legitkingzz- Awesome! NFT’s have been going crazy as of recently. Add on top of that a P2P exchange in the future. It looks like your hands are pretty busy, haha.

$HFI AMA with $WORLD Token

@Max: We build the private sale in the most smoothly and transparent way as it is all managed on the blockchain. No funds at risk on a random Smart Contract; when you buy HFi through our website, the smart contract automatically transfers the tokens to your MM wallet. As simple as that!

We have released the beta of HolderSwap v1 back in Jan, audited by CTDsec, our incorporated security audit partner since 2017. You can check their website 

Jorge Rodriguez, a well-known White Hat, is the CEO, and we have been in contact since 2016, and we worked together in the past.

In Feb, we improved the UI and the design of HolderSwap, we also rebranded the project with a new logo and a new theme color while building different smart contracts to develop HolderSwap further and make it more innovative.

Currently, we are working now on a bridge protocol to be able to wrap HFS & HFi in BSC thus benefiting from the lower fees there. We are going to release HolderSwap v2 on BSC to allow limited orders on PCS this week

$HFI AMA with $WORLD Token

2. @legitkingzz: Never too late for a bit of rebranding. Always good to keep things up to date and to look good! What is the history of your project?

World Token

Well going back a couple of years ago, Jiro and I got scammed on a dodgy website. We needed to get our hands on Nintendo gift cards because the online store doesn’t accept non-US credit/debit cards. But when we bought cards online, one delivery failed (got a refund which took weeks), and another one redeemed. So, all and all, this was sort of a loss in a sense. Ecommerce fraud like this eats up over $50B per year. It’s not talked about too much, but there is a huge need for safer transactions, especially with irreversible payment methods like cryptocurrency. And, so World cemented the focus on security first. Topping this, simplicity and convenience is a huge selling point, so we also focus on P2P exchange and an L2 solution.

@legitkingzz: a way for consumers to have a safe and secure way to send and receive assets is critical. Nice to see that you are motivated to make the crypto space much safer!

Holder Finance

As I explained, I never stopped since my first steps in 2016 into the blockchain. So, I’ve been convinced about its long-term potential for a long time. Thus, in Summer 2020, with the boom of the DeFi. Then, I started to think about an innovative, secure, and profitable way to allow anybody to build his wealth. In early September, while I was surfing and chatting on different chats, I entered into a technical devs chat. As you must know, I’m not a dev then that was like Chinese for me. But destiny made me fall into this chat while Andrea, aka Gordon, straightforwardly answered tons of questions to many different devs. I was thinking like: “Wow, this guy seems to know his shit, lol.”

Then I contacted him in PM, and he answered me right away. I introduced my concept to him then we spoke for about 2 hours, mostly about blockchain and my idea.

He was as much excited as I was feeling the great potential of Holder Finance. When I sent him the WP draft, I confirmed his interest in building this ecosystem with me. A month later, after having closed his current projects, he started the website and the project itself.

Legitkingzz-Most of the dev talk, I see it looks like I am reading another language, haha.

HFI and WORLD Token, what’s next?

3. @legitkingzz: What is the future of the project?

World token

The future is to be a part of the crypto e-commerce ecosystem working in front of our eyes – without you even noticing. Traditional companies are looking at bitcoin, some are accepting it as a form of payment, and new entrants are starting to build to enter the new arena of marketplaces. Our goal is to be a part of that movement and hold a significant position in it.

Legitkingzz -the crypto space has grown exponentially! The best part is that there is so much room for growth in the whole atmosphere.

Holder Finance

Q2 is the most significant and most exciting time to go with Holder Finance. Indeed, we will release many different, very cool, and profitable features on HolderSwap, which build our complete ecosystem and develop many use cases and sources of profits for our holders.

For Holder Finance this quarter is going to be the most exciting time to go with. Indeed, we will release many different, very cool, and profitable features on HolderSwap, which build our complete ecosystem and develop many use cases and sources of profits for our holders.


  • We will release HolderLimit on PancakeSwap to allow our users to place limit orders on PancakeSwap using our platform
  • We will release our bridge protocol to Wrap HFS and HFi from ETH to BSC and vice versa.


  • We will list both bHFi & bHFS on PancakeSwap.
  • Deliver our first pools of the farming program: bHFS/BUSD LP and bHFi/BUSD LP to both rewards with bHFS tokens.
  • Launch the Genesis Mining events/pools for HFi/bHFi to reward in HFi the holders who pool their HFi in LPs. (more info are available on our website by reading our WP)
  • Last milestone of May but not least: the metadata or Gasless upgrade of our HolderLimit feature on Ethereum will allow trade owners to place and cancel limit orders on Uniswap using our platform.

The Second part of $HFI AMA with $WORLD Token coming soon!

This is the end of part I of $HFI AMA with $WORLD Token. In the next part, the team from Holder Finance and World Token will discuss the advantages of their partnerships and what are the future plans that will benefit you as a user. Stay tuned!

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